How to protect your new app idea

Hello, I wanted to learn that if you have a specific idea to create an app.

how do you protect it so that no one else can copy and do it even before you ever date.

Hi Arslan, welcome to the community!

You could just not tell anyone about it while building it.

You can have freelancers sign an NDA if you have them make the idea.

Otherwise, honestly… No one really wants to steal your idea. Everyone has their own ideas and they’re not really looking to seek a person out just to steal their idea.

Plus ideas are crap, execution is key. Everyone can talk, but the ones who actually go out and make something, that’s hard!!

Hi Mke,
Thank you for the detailed answer, really helpful.

Can someone contact the likes of google and share an idea and a wireframe presentation, ask them to finance the app build up, while keeping the copyrights to themselves only.

Actually I am very new to all this

Would you have an contact details like mail id or something for a similar platform who are ready to finance

Finance the build of an app?? You may be able to get a personal loan or find a developer on upwork for a low price.

To keep the rights to your idea so a developer doesn’t share it you can have them sign an NDA.

To keep the copyright, just make sure in the freelancer’s contract they state you own the copyright, not them, after the project is over