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How to save every item of a nested array?

I have a function that saves data to Firestore:

do {
   let decoder = JSONDecoder()
   let recipeToDisplay = try decoder.decode(Recipe.self, from: data!)
    title: recipeToDisplay.title ?? "",
    summary: recipeToDisplay.summary ?? "",
    instructions: recipeToDisplay.instructions ?? "",
    extendedIngredientsImage: recipeToDisplay.extendedIngredients?[0].image ?? "",
    extendedIngredientsName: recipeToDisplay.extendedIngredients?[0].name ?? ""
   catch {
    print("Error parsing response data: \(error)")}

The function works great, except I’m not sure how I can save every item in the recipeToDisplay.extendedIngredients array. In the example above, I just specified the 1st item in the array - e.g., recipeToDisplay.extendedIngredients?[0].image:

But how can I save every item that exists in the array? E.g., recipeToDisplay.extendedIngredients?[0].image, recipeToDisplay.extendedIngredients?[1].image, recipeToDisplay.extendedIngredients?[2].image, etc.