How to use CoreVideo?

Hi everyone! i’m starting with iOS developpement but i have to make an app that handles video and images.
First i would like to know how to structure the app, put a side-bar a tool-bar and a workspace where i can put the images, and the app (for iPad) for a first challenge should be able to, if i enter a video it should convert it to a set of images, i searched how to do that, i found a library that it’s called “Core Video” but i have no idea of how to use it and there are no exemples in the internet.
can you give me any advice about what to use or where can i find tutorials for video handling please?

thanks for reading me, hope to hear from you, have a nice day!

Hey Laura,

Welcome to the community!

Can you post a sketch of what you’re thinking? That’ll help us understand what you’re trying to accomplish.

Also here’s a tutorial by LBTA (Let’s Build That App) how great makes YouTube from scratch.

Beware if you’re a beginner this may be a little daunting, he uses all programmatic UI (as compared to Chris who uses storyboards). Also the tutorial is older, so some Firebase things may be out of date, and you’ll have to refer to the Docs