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How will be the learning in CWC+?

HEY! Hello Chris; I am Hero one of your student I think ! First of all I would like to thanks you because I am really improving my skills , I have actually done with the lessons and wanna go to the next level, because I want to know more. But I am a bit wondering if I have to subscribe or not ![:frowning:], because when I was learning the Cours for beginners, I have asked a question in the community and did not receive any answer till now![:upside_down_face:, Yeah maybe you guys are really busy and don’t have that much time which is understandable, but in these cases how Can I improve my skills ?, sometimes I am really struggling for understanding a concept till I make my own research on google which take

Me a lot of time before finding something that can make me go ahead . I think if I decide to pay per month for receiving a knowledge from that amazing teacher Chris ( respect to you) It is also because I hope to be well supervised and to have quick answers to my doubts in order to progress serenely towards my objective, basically to have an instructor to whom I can ask all my questions with whom I will learn a lot I mean a Guide. .! So thank you for reassuring me that the follow-up in the CWC program is much more rigorous because so far I am not too satisfied with the spontaneity of responding to certain concerns …! I have done with the 14days courses, but I have a lot of questions that disturb me that I would like to ask to an instructor in order to have answers but i didn’t receive any answers yet from my previous questions , so I am a bit worried ![:pensive:] Btw thanks thanks a lot , the content of those lessons are really rich and Chris is amazing ! Thanks for your understanding and I hope to be responded !

hello, theres no “personal” guide if you are looking for that but you can post here on the forum and someone will help you with some concerns, questions and clarifications that you might have

Alright , thanks Francis , I understand but am I going to get a response at least within one day to allow me to go ahead without having some doubts about some problems or difficulties that I will encounter ? Because I am in china and most of time when I am studying you guys are sleeping , when I am sleeping you guys are up coz of the time difference ! Well , also I want to know more about the CWC+ program, like if I pay only for one month and I did not finished to to learn all the courses then my subscription expired , I won’t be able the see the other courses till I renew my subscription again right ? And how long will take the classes ? And at the end of the courses for beginners ( the last video ) Chris said that we still have three steps more before being a IOS developer pro , which means my subscription allows me to see all the courses till the Pro step ? Or before passing each step there is another subscription that I have to mange with ? Like I want more infos about the CWC+ program , like how the subscription work , what will I be able to access once I have paid ( maybe just for a month ) , the duration of the courses, like everything relate to that …! Thanks for your understanding :blush: