I can't found the link for download CWC+ challenge solutions

Dear support ,
I am learning the IOS foundation module 2 session 2 challenge, but I don’t know where to download the challenge solution for it. Could you help. Thanks.

Hi @Royluo76

Welcome to the code crew community.

Resources can now be found up at the top of the course in the “Introduction Section”. Tap on the chapter titled “Resources” then tap on the blue link titled “All resources, projects and code”.

This will take you to a DropBox page where you can see folders related to each Module. Tap on the Download button in the top right of the screen and you can download all of the Materials covering all of the Modules… or… you can drill down to a particular Module (double click on the folder) and then tap on the Download button to download all of the resources for just that Module.

Hi Chris_Parker
Got it , thank you.