Implement home screen quick actions

I am trying to implement the home screen quick actions for my app project.
I have 4 home screen quick actions that takes the user to 4 different view controllers.
I think I am there but have only one problem. If I navigate to a view controller using the quick action,
and then without going back to home view controller, if I exit the app, then when I use the same quick action to navigate to the same view controller, what I notice is I have a second instant of that same view controller over exiting one. so if I go back I basically get the same view controller. any idea how can I fix this?

Maybe disable the quick action button based on waht vc is currently open

If I disable the button still by using another button to open another VC, it opens on top of current VC.

oh i see… so you don’t want it to be on top or open a new “page” you want it all on the same page?