In-App Purchase

Hi everyone.I have integrated in-pp purchase in my application,I have used Non-Renewable subscription for 1 year.When I am getting success from iTunes I am hitting Local server,So My backend people are saying they are getting success and they asked me to check in iTunes I have checked it is showing $0 sales.So please any one help me where can i find this or it may take time to update please can any one help me?

Hi sailaja, did you manage to solve the issue? Im planning to create an app with In-app subscription and wanted to know about your experience.
Thank you!

Hi …Please can you share the in-App purchase app if you create?

You will NOT see any kind of sales in iTunes connect for testing.

You need to beta test the app and confirm the receipt from Apple if everything is working. Or test IAP with test users in iTunes connect

This would be a good place to start

Hi ,Thank you, I am facing one issue like below image,always i am getting this pop up every-time .Please can you help me out of this.

Is your sandbox account signed in for the device?

You can check this in settings, in iTunes and App Store