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Installing/import Firestore help

Hi everyone!

I am trying to connect the firebase database to my project. I am following the “Firebase Authentication Tutorial…” video but for some reason when it came to importing Firestore section the terminal showed some errors and it wouldn’t auto populate in the editor. Which also gave me a red error message as well saying “couldn’t find in scope”. Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you!

Can you show your Podfile?

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Hello Arinhai,

I think it has to do with that last pod, FirebaseFirestoreSwift. From here it looks like you need to specify the version you want to get: swift - FirebaseFirestoreSwift won't install (CocoaPods) - Stack Overflow

So try this instead:

pod 'FirebaseFirestoreSwift', '8.7.0-beta'

Thank you! It worked!

also when I started inputting the error message codes it kept on giving me and error message for the @IBAction func for the “Sign up tapped”. It says “only instance methods can be declared IBAction”. This came up right after I started typing in the error message codes.

What do you mean?? “Inputting error message codes”

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meaning in the video it shows step by step on how to input the codes so that it would show an error message when the text field has an incorrect format or is missing something. So when I started typing in or inputting the codes for the @IBAction for sign up tapped section it started to give me that error message saying "only instance methods can be declared IBAction”