Inventory setup

So I did a lot of reading and doing the tutorials for classes, and enumerations. I tried to make an Inventory setup using Structures, enums, and classes.
Is there an easier way to do this?

What do you mean? Easier way to make a model?

I mean a way to create a set of inventory slots that items can be placed into.
Something like this(I only could get it this far):

public class Inventory {
    var _slot1 = ""
    var _slot2 = ""
    var _slot3 = ""

Where the player can add or remove objects from their backpack or pockets.

You can create an array that holds inventory objects. Or even properties in your Inventory object, that are of a different custom type.

Considering you seem relatively new to Swift. I’d recommend following several more tutorials before trying to create your own app.

I’m relatively new to classes, enums, protocols, and structures, but I’m familiar with the rest, I’ll still take your advice, though.

You can checkout to help in figuring out what you need to learn to build your own app!

Can you draw out exactly what you’re trying to achieve?

Creating models it’s really just creating a bunch of structs (typically)