Ios developer Still in Demand in Martket

my Question i am learning Swift for IOS App development but my friend are saying IOS no more stable in market and no developer furthure hiring you must learn Flutter dart programming for Both IOS and andriod apps or you learn reactive native for both ios and andriod develoment kindly guide me what i do i am much confuse what i do becuase i have spend ome month on iOS learning and continued

Hi @mubashar_hashmi,
IOS App is getting more and more improvement for each year.
Iā€™m also iOS cum Flutter Developer. Even though I am Flutter Developer, I need knowledge on iOS also. More over, most of the iOS users not preferring Hybrid Application. iOS has its unique character among all the features like UI and all.
Flutter is very easy for developers with Android Background. My Suggestion is start learning Flutter side by side. SwiftUI and Flutter UI Design is very much similar to learn.

Balaji Ks

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I strongly disagree. Flutter is great for basic apps and you can get up and running with some stuff easily.

But a very in depth iOS app, it should be native. Things that use the camera, Bluetooth, ARKit, etc. this should be native.