IOS Foundations Mod 6 Adding extra content: tab bars

Hi CWC crew.

Just wondering how best to set up additional content for the news app ? ie) to be able to view other stories apart from the US Business as detailed in the instructions.

The only thing that I can see that needs to be changed is the stringURL in the article service model ?

I’ve made this work by : using a tab controller and basically just duplicating the “view controller” ( including all of it’s code) and placing an Enum parameter in the getArticles(), to specify which string to load into stringURL.

While this does work, it’s very “agricultural” with a lot of duplication for just changing one string.

I’m sure there’s a better, more efficient way than this.

Would love some help.

Please see attached screen shots.



Instead of making another duplicate view maybe you can add a drop down menu instead that will change the URL depending on the selection… You can then trigger a reload for the collectionview onmenu item change