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iOS Foundations: Module 2

Got into Lesson 2 / Arrays, answered the quiz questions, no problem. I read through the challenge and was hit by this huge mental block. I feel like I haven’t learned anything in a sense. I sometimes wonder if trying to do something like this at 50 is a good idea…Before I started module 2, despite having done the 14-Day Challenge, I went through Module 1 again anyway for reinforcement sake. Maybe I need a break…ugh

I started my iOS journey in mid 2018 which was all in UIKIt (storyboard). SwiftUI came along in 2019 to add another level of challenge.

I’m 68 so you can do this too.

The key is not to try to take in too much at a time. Allow what you have learned to sink in by practicing.


I’m just learning now, too… So true… Don’t rush it. I’m in the fundamentals and have been stuck in lesson 9 forever… I still can’t consistently pass variables back and forth between structures but I know it will come around with some practice…

You can do it… :grinning:

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