iOS Foundations (SwiftUI)

I just wanted to give a hearty thank you to the CWC team.

I got through the first few modules of the old Foundations course, and when the notice went out about the upcoming SwiftUI course I was pretty excited as I’d just begun to realize that would be the better way for me to progress.

Anyway, just starting the new course, and can already say, wow, what an improvement. I really appreciated the through walkthrough of the Xcode interface, I was having a hard time figuring some of that out on my own. The walkthrough here really helped a lot!

Looking forward to going through the rest of the course :slight_smile:

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THANK YOU, Cole! We are humbled by your kindness and support. The entire team will keep on working harder to provide the best iOS app development education that you guys deserve. Thanks again and again for learning with us! :slight_smile: Just reach out if you need technical help!