Is an off the shelf mac ready to go?

Hi all,
I am new to coding and app development. My question is if I buy an off the shelf mac (macbook pro 8GB, 128 SSD) will I be able to plug and play Chris’s course or any other course. In the past I have had some trouble when trying to get Java to work on my PC with getting the right development environment to work. - also had the same type of issues with php. In this case with ios will I be able to download the proper operating system or development environment seamlessly, and be able to start learn how to code ? Or is this a common problem with new macs as well?

You will just need to download Xcode from the App Store. It may prompt you to do some additional installs the first time you launch it. But you’ll be good to go with that.


Yup like @roosterboy said!

Literally just download Xcode from the Mac App Store and you’re good to go! :smiley:

Only one catch! Make sure when you’re following tutorials to change the “interface” drop down to Storyboards! (Unless you are specially following a SwiftUI tutorial)

This video can help you navigate around