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Is it possible to build a Bluetooth switcher via Core Bluetooth?

I am trying to find a Core Bluetooth expert that can tell me whether or not the framework supports my needs before beginning the app dev process. My 92yr old father has severe hearing loss. He has bluetooth enabled hearing aids and multiple devices that are able, on an individual basis, to “discover” his hearing aids. However, manually switching between devices is extremely frustrating. To solve his problem, I would like to build a Bluetooth switcher to run on his iPhone. I envisioned creating 3-4 virtual “headphones” in the iPhone that could be discoverable from his TVs, iPad and other devices that can transmit audio to Bluetooth headphones. He would also connect his hearing aids to the iPhone, which is current built-in functionality. The U/I would allow him to easily switch between the Virtual Headphones to select the audio feed of interest. So I have a couple of questions; 1) Is it possible to create Virtual Headphones (peripherals?), 2) is it possible to programmatically connect an audio feed from a Virtual Headphone to his hearing aid Bluetooth connection. 3) If 1 and 2 are possible, would the latency be too high for a decent video viewing? Any hints or ideas would be greatly appreciated.