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Issue: Firebase Authentication Tutorial 2020 - Custom iOS Login Page (Swift)

Following Chris’s video Firebase Authentication Tutorial 2020 - Custom iOS Login Page (Swift). At the 16:00 mark when he selects editor and Automatic shows code on right I am unable to reproduce. I am using Xcode 13 and automatic shows nothing and not sure what I am doing wrong. I redid project but something cant be right. Anyone have any thoughts?

I’m guessing you mean this video:

There is a simpler way to get the right code file to be opened so that you can link your ViewController elements from the Storyboard to that code file.

With your Storyboard in view, hold down the “Option” key and tap on the Swift file you want to use. This will always open Xcode into assistant editor mode with the right file.

Thank you, once I got passed this issue It was on another issue with connecting outlet First Name Text field to Signupviewcontroller. In the video it works fine for Chris but in Xcode 13 it does not. I have spent more time trying to figure out these two errors today than I have on anything.

Error “Could not insert new outlet connection: Could not find any information for the class named SignUpViewController”

Thank you for the help. Not giving up but super frustrating trying to get this to work to follow the video.

It should work.

Have you set the class of ViewController in the storyboard?
By that I mean when you add the ViewController to storyboard you need to select it by tapping on the bar at the top of the ViewConroller and then look at your inspector panel on the right. (edit) Select the 4th icon from the left (Identity Inspector) on the icons bar at the teopand add the class of the swift file name you have created.

That should allow you to hold down the Control key and then click and drag the outlet to the code file.

I hope you can make sense of that since I am not in front of my laptop right now so relying on my memory to describe the process.

(edit) I just got home and edited this post to give you the correct information on how to assign the Custom Class.