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Issue with Table View Display

Hoping this is an easy fix but don’t know where to start.

I am building a 10 row Tableview that each row is interactive by the user. I have tried building it through stroyboard and also the UI. When I “run” by app in the simulator, I get nothing but a white blank screen. Please keep in mind that I also followed a few online youtube turtorials and did “EXACTLY” as they did and still have the same results (but the youtube videos showed they work). Is there a setting or a box I need to check? I must have some kind of default setting wrong. PLEASE HELP! I have spent way to much time on this!

Here are a few screenshots of what I am seeing. For some reason, I can not link my table to the view controller even though I declared it already. It doesn’t show up as an option

Your table view is not properly connected to the ViewController file

You can see this from the empty circle on line 12, or if you right click the table view, and also see an empty circle in the pop up that comes up (similar to screenshot 2, except click on the table view, rather than the view)

You need to delete that property and redo it by holding command and dragging over to the code again

Also double check your view controller in the storyboard is using your ViewController class in your code

Lastly I think you’ll see an empty table view, but to really seen anything, you need to add code for your table view to show data

See these videos:
Connect table view

Set delegate and data source

Display data