Issues on Rewriting an Existing App in a new Project File

I have rewritten an existing imessage app Ver1 in a new Xcode project file Ver2. All the profiles for Ver2 are matched correctly with Ver1. And Ver2 also uploaded to the correct coresponding Ver1 in itunesconnect. But the problem is when I am trying to update my existing imessage Ver1 with Ver2 from testflight, instead of replacing the Ver1, it installs a new iMessage app with the same name and leaving the previous Ver1 disabled.

Please see the attached screen capture.

After updating to Ver2 where I got 2 empty icons one was supposed to be my previous app the other one shows the title of MessageExtension… Both icon shows nothing when clicked.

Can someone help me please? This is my last hurdle before releasing my very first app on the app store, so excited!

I see that you might have changed the bundle identifier ( on your version 2… this will really cuase the app to install again as it is not the same app anymore…

Maybe check your identifier to make sure its the same as v1

If you really need to change this then theres no choice but to uninstall v1 i think

thank you Francis. The bundle identifier is the same for both versions. I have found out that the 2 extra icons disappear after I restart iMessage. Any idea why its like that how to avoid that from happening?

I am not sure as it may be some internal cache going on with imessage (storing in memory) so thats why it disappears after restart

ok noted thank you Francis.