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Issues with simulator and debug area

I’m trying to follow the tutorials. But one of the lessons finished and I’m still waiting for the debug area to print “Hello, playground”. The simulator takes forever as well.
What amount of memory is recommended to run xcode? Any suggestion to improve speed other than buying a new mac would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

Can you provide a screenshot of your entire playground window. The answer may be simple if we can see what you have on screen at the moment.

When you post images of your code, use the built in screenshot app rather than take a photograph. Photographs of code are sometimes unclear and very hard to view.

With the Mac ScreenShot App, you can capture the entire window, the entire screen or a section of the screen.

If you just want a small section, press Shift + Command + 4 which will change your mouse pointer into a set of crosshairs. Click and drag diagonally across the screen to capture the section you want. When you let go of the mouse button, the image will be saved to your Desktop and will be named something like “Screen Shot YYYY-MM-DD at HH.MM.SS am/pm”.

Other screen selection options are available by pressing Shift + Command + 5. An options bar will appear near the bottom of the screen. You can even video record your screen.