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Jeff's Weather App Fun

Hello Codecrew,

I’m relatively new here and this is my first post so I’d like to take a moment to say hello and to thank everyone for taking time to share their experiences.

I’ve only been working with Swift since January and have been enjoying the lessons on CWC+. Initially I wasn’t planning on attempting the Weather challenge, but I figured it would be a good learning experience and a chance to try things on my own.

Thanks to the examples in the Recipe and Learning Apps, plus thousands of Google searches, I was finally able to complete the app.

I’m still in the process of recording the app in action in order to meet the deadline. I’m planning to share some of my experiences once things are done.



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I’m still getting used to using this forum so hopefully I am doing this right.

With luck, you will see the icon I created for my app (thanks to a Chris Youtube video) as well as a link to the video of my Weather App in action. A shout out to my son for his video editing skills to make this what it is.

UR Weather-83.5@2x

Here is the video link:
UR Weather App