Job searching app development

I would like to make a decent app that can help people to get part time and full time job. Though there are quite number of apps here already, I want to improve the UI for users to interact with the employers effectively. Do you think Code with Chris subscription can help me build my app?

Hi @Kyle_Kim

Welcome to the community!

You ask good question, I suppose the answer is how complex your app is and what level of skill in development you already have.

In my case, I am a rank amateur. I had not even taken any higher math in school (dropped out of High School), and I decided on a sabbatical that I needed to create an iOS app for my staff. I found Chris and launched in.

What I discovered through Chris’ careful and VERY approachable teaching style that over the years I have been able to take on projects that are more and more complex. I eventual coded the app I originally dreamed about but never thought I would gain enough experience to realize that dream.

Thanks to Chris’s excellent teaching, it is has been life changing for me. I have created dozens of apps but only about ⅓ are in the app store as most of the time the app is solving a problem particular to my work!

At least for me, CWC was not only an investment of a lifetime, and it continues to be so!

I was using Realm database for persistent data, but tired of all the work arounds to get it to work with CloudKit, I have returned back to CoreData. And low and behold, Chris just launched his CoreData training. This will be perfect when I get stuck, (and I ALWAYS get stuck) as it have been years since I dabbled in CoreData.

Good luck with which ever you choose and Welcome again!