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Josh's Xcode Journal

Finished the Module 2 Quotes card app. :slight_smile:


Great work!! :clap::clap:

Finished the Module 4 wrap up challenge. :slight_smile:

There were a few things I’m going to try and work through though if anyone knows how to help:

  1. I had a final error:
    “[Assert] displayModeButtonItem is internally managed and not exposed for DoubleColumn style. Returning an empty, disconnected UIBarButtonItem to fulfill the non-null contract.”
    It seems to be triggered when I toggle the page. This also creates the issue of not showing the latest page that was viewed.
  2. I want to stay on the current viewed page when I toggle the ‘favourite’ star and also when I update the books rating.
  3. I couldn’t get my book content to align at the top of the page. Seems to be an issue with the NavigationBarTitle.