Keep User logged in / Set RootViewController at start

i am developing an app and asking at the start of the app if the user has selected a soccer team If he has then I skip the Intro. And show the soccer results.

I want to do this with this video. But it needs to be updated.
It doesnt work anymore and i searched for days but cant find a single video with this topic.

How can I with IOS13 show the First Screen conditionally?

I have downloaded Swift 3 projects in the past and got them working in Xcode 11 despite Xcode saying that you can’t update it.

It’s a bit of messing around but once you figure out the equivalent Swift 5 function definitions wherever it is complaining, they can be make to work.

Can you download the completed project from his site? It doesn’t matter if it won’t run, the process of converting it to Swift 5 is the key… hopefully.

I am new to swift. I dont even understand Swift5 exactly. How should I convert Swift 3 codes to 5?
I googled a bit and a lot of things changes. SceneDelegate instead of AppDelegate…
I just want to do is conditional setting first view. Thats it. But i found exactly 0 tutorials or anything about that.
I dont understand why it is so hard just to find examples for such simple thing.

If you are serious about learning Swift then you have to start with the basics like all of us did. I would encourage you to take on a course that starts with the fundamentals of the Swift language and then gradually introduces you to more complex and detailed methods and frameworks.