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Knowing when to create instances/var

Hi! My name is Thierno Diallo and am new to CWC. This might be a dumb issue but for some reason, I struggle with knowing when to create new instances or new variables to help flesh and expand the development of an app. If I am not given clear directions such as “create a struct” or “create this instance of a generated log” (currently doing Module 2 the receipt app) …then i get completely lost. Any clue on how to overcome this? Get better? I want to be able to create my very first app soon and find myself stuck behind this.

Hi Thierno,

Welcome to the community.

You’ll get the hang of it with experience as you create more projects. Take your time learning. Let each lesson you cover sink in. Go back over the lessons again just in case you missed something.

We have all been down the learning path and I can tell you that it does take time to grasp the concepts and become confident in what you are doing.

Everyone learns differently so I would encourage you to seek out other content creators and see if they cover a specific topic a little differently which may make it easier to understand.