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Laptop suggestions

So my Mac laptop is crashing whenever I try to run the Mac simulator in xcode. I was wondering if you guys have any ideas for specs for new Mac laptops that can run xcode?

It really depends on your budget.

My preference would be to select a Mac with the M1 chip rather than one equipped with the Intel series. The M1 chip is fast and uses less power than the Intel series so you have 2 really key points in their favour.

All future Macs will eventually be using the M1 chip.

Irrespective of the processor you choose, it would be wise to choose a Mac with at least 16Gb of RAM and have a reasonable sized SSD. Probably at least 512gb would be a good starting point. Admittedly you can attach external storage and that my be a cheaper option for additional storage but it’s another peripheral you have to cart around with you.

The Xcode IDE (Integrated Development Environment) consumes just over 30Gb of disk storage so it’s a very large Application.

Like I said, it’s really a personal choice and it depends on your budget. If you are intending to be a developer as your profession then you can consider the choice of Laptop to be an investment in your future.


It may not be your Mac. Mine crashes also. Are you using any beta software?