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Lesson 12 module 5

Hi ! I apologize for the inconvenience.
For learning reasons, I am redoing the learning application but I have a problem displaying the results. after the last question, we come back to the first question.
Please help understand the course


Thank you!! I found the solution

Welcome to the community Carlos!

If you could post your solution that’d be great, it may help others.

Also I am moving your question to the app development category because that is more fitting than tutorial requests, please make sure to put your question in the appropriate category next time

Hi Carlos

Please could you post your solution? I’m having the same issue and also downloaded the resources for this lesson and that has the same issue too it seems? I’ve tried to debug but not having great success!



Sorry I’ve just found another thread where this is answered. For info (incase anyone else comes across this thread!) it’s addressed in a later video Chris has posted in Module 5 about Xcode 12.5 bugs!

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Hi! the first solution is in module 5 on Xcode 12.5 bugs!
Thanks, I was focusing on how to fix the bug, I didn’t see the solution.

but I did it differently; knowing that the execution of a code is executed from top to bottom I noticed that putting the button checking if there is a next question brings us back in a loop because every time we come to the end and in clicking the button we called the nextQuestion () method and we went back to the same conditions so I just moved the buttons outside of the if model.currentQuestion condition! = null {}

here is my solution

Excuse my english if there are any mistakes. I am Francophone :blush: :blush:

Thank you