(Lesson 2) Bonus

when I lunch in the simulator it shows the design but for 3 second only and then it goes to completely white screen any explain ??

Sounds like you have configured your storyboard in LaunchScreen.storyboard rather than in Main.storyboard

Can you post a screen capture of your Xcode window showing the storyboard and associated code?

Yeah :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: I configured my storyboard in LaunchScreen.storyboard I fixed it now and its works.

I really love the way explain so simple and unique I will work hard and follow ur instructions carefully to be an expert like u in SWIFT Language.

thank you for ur concern

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Any time @Yassin_Abdin.

Also don’t confuse me with Chris Ching who is the creator of all these tutorials. My name is also Chris but I’m a moderator here so happy to help when I get a chance to go through all the questions and find any that have not been answered or are still to be solved if I can offer any assistance.