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Lesson 3 challenge

Why was there no review of the solutions for the module 1 (free 14 day one) lesson 3 challenge!? Just gonna leave your student hanging there with confusion and no answers? Extremely upsetting! Are all challenges like this?


All challenge solutions are available on line via the course “Resources” or in the case of the 14 Day Challenge via the Before You Begin section.

Resources can be found up at the top of the course in the “Introduction Section”. Depending on the Course you select there will be an option titled “Resources” or “Materials for this course”. Tap on that link and then on the next page presented on the right you will have a link that says “All resources, projects and code” or a button that says “Download Materials”.

This will take you to a DropBox page where you can see folders related to each Module. Tap on the Download button in the top right of the screen and you can download all of the Materials covering all of the Modules for the course… or… you can drill down to a particular Module (double click on the folder) and then tap on the Download button to download all of the resources for just that Module… or … you can drill down further to the relevant Lesson and download the code for that lesson.