Lesson 3: StackViews Question about horizontal view

Hey everyone Newbie here. I just completed the lesson, all worked out well until I switched to horizontal view; I’ve attached photo. I should be able to figure it out, just wanted to see if the lesson wasn’t intended to ‘work’ horizontal view as the Squid Social label is clipped.

Hi @guymzee Welcome to the community!

It is possible, I suppose, to set compression settings so that all your elements are displayed vertically, as I assume that is how the layout is oriented. The items would be so squished down, it would don’t be a very pleasant experience.

What I suggest is you set the horizontal view and then select “Vary for Trait” and make the adjustments. For example, place the image on the left side of the screen and the button to the right. Once you have made all the adjustments, tap the Vary Fro Traits button again and the Horizontal view will not use those constraints. See pict.

Main.storyboard 2020-03-13 16-32-47

Chris has a lesson on how to do this in the paid course if you have his courses.


@FoundationSW thanks for the reply. I did manage to figure it out, though not using the Vary for traits, which is probably a better option; I just completed that lesson and did purchase the suite of lessons.

I guess this particular lesson wasn’t meant to work for horizontal orientation, I was just checking to see if I did something wrong but it seems the lesson was only meant for that veritcal layout.