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Sorry, this may be a dumb question, but I just started using the new learning platform and am working my way through the Foundations section. In the old platform, I was able to access the discussion of the individual lesson videos. In the new platform, I’m not able to do so. If I click the “Discussion” button under the lesson videos, it takes me to this forum, but with the following error: “Oops, that page doesn’t exist or is private.” I AM able to use the forum from here, but I can’t find the discussions specific to the lesson videos. Am I missing something?

It might be best to email the Administrator via care@codewithchris.com

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@Arron_E did you resolve this? I’m having the same issue.

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Hi @mistermatt welcome to the community, it’s best to email care@codewithchris.com directly for this.

This issue typically happens if you’re trying to go to a page in the forum that you don’t have access to (like a course page)

@mistermatt, I learned that the discussion of the lesson videos happens in the section that is for CWC+ subscribers only. I had paid for the course with a one-time payment two years ago under the previous learning platform, but I had not subscribed to CWC+, which is why I didn’t have access