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Lesson10 - click on preview do not print on console

I created a button to print hello world, but clicking it on preview do not print it on console. you have to use simulator or real device to test the click/tap event, and that’s also what Chris did in his video. Any reason why it’s not working on live preview?

or if we have to use simulator, can we make it hot-reload just like preview? right now I have to restart the simulator every time I made changes, and wait 20 sec… it’s silly and there must be a smarter way to refresh the simulator? thanks to any help in advance!

Welcome to the community @jisi724 !!

If you’re testing functionality of your app you need to use the simulator. (Like a button click) your simulator shouldn’t really take that long to build after building it once.

Preview is just that! A preview of what the UI looks like