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Loading my app onto the iPad

I have my first app ready to go. It’s not totally finished and not ready for the App Store but I would like to install it on my iPad. Can someone point me in the right direction?

You can plug in your iPad to your Mac, and instead of selecting a simulator, select your iPad to run the app

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Thank you.

This process works the same on your iPhone as well

Sorry. I meant install it on my iPad

What do you mean? “Install it” then as opposed to running the app on your iPad, from Xcode?

The all will stay installed for 3 days I believe, before you need to run it from Xcode again, because the build “expires”

If you have a paid developer account and the necessary Development and Distribution certificates on your Mac (these are automatically managed by Xcode) when you run the App on your real device it will stay there for 12 months.