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Looking for a file in lesson 4

Dear everyone.
In lesson 4 of “2021 SwiftUI tutorial for beginners”.
I’m looking for the file “Logo Assets.zip”.
Please let me know where I can get it.
Also, where can I get the “pink building” picture?
Thank you for your help.

HI @JimmyZ

Welcome to the community.

Can you post a link to the Video you are watching please. It’s not obvious what you are referring to from the description you have given.

This is the link of the course. Thank you Mr. Parker.

The YouTube notes below the video has a link to the Resources. Tap on that link and on the page presented you should see another link as in this screen shot.

Tap on the link indicated by the red arrow and respond to the email address request.

The screen will refresh and you should see a screen like this:

That link takes you to the DropBox folder structure with all the necessary assets grouped by Lessons.

VStack {
Text(“Thank you”)

I got them.