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Looking for advice

I have been asked to create an app that involves the user entering about 7 or 8 values, and some calculations happening in the background to show revenue generated based on the values. The person asking for the app is a machine manufacturer, and they want to use this at an upcoming trade show.

Anyway, I am looking for advice on best practices for how to create multiple numeric entries in a way that makes sense. Can a list be used for this with text for what the number is - and then on the right hand side show the value? Other ideas?

There are a lot of numbers required for this calculation, so I’m trying to keep it as simple as possible. I would be open to examples of similar apps as well.

Thanks in advance. I’m new to the Code Crew community and hope to be helpful to others as I increase my own skills.


Welcome to the community.

I guess the first question is, what experience do you have in iOS Development? Are you going to code this using Storyboard (UIKit) or use SwiftUI?

Good question. I have done a few apps using UIKit but have been trying to learn SwiftUI through CWC. The understand UIKit better, but would love to use SwiftUI.

The nice thing about SwiftUI is the Forms view which would be ideal for your purpose. You could set up all the inputs as a row in each case in the form and then have a calculate button to tap. You could adjust any value and simply tap the button to recalculate.

Way easier than messing around with storyboard then link all the text fields to the ViewController.