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Looking for some tutorials?

hey guys, I kind of have an app idea I wanna work on, noting complicated, so I have been following the swift UI tutorial through, I am nearing the end, of what’s available and I can’t wait for the next lessons.
I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions on where I can learn about a few things I would really appreciate it!

some of the things I am looking to learn are working with dates, how to find today’s date and how to input target dates, that kind of thing.
and also how to save information input from the app user, when the app is closed, and that kind of thing.

I don’t really know what to look for when I am searching for that kind of thing so I would appreciate any tutorial you all might recommend, or if the UI kit lessons will transfer over to swift UI, and if so which ones would you recommend? or even just the names of the kind of things I am looking for so I can search for myself!

thanks, guys!
I appreciate the ongoing support from everyone with all my stupid questions :laughing:

Some search suggestions:

  • Dates: Search for “Using date functions in SwiftUI” - There are plenty of articles to browse through

  • Saving data: Search for “SwiftUI how to use @AppStorage” or “how to use userdefaults in swiftui”

hey Chris! thanks for the suggestions! sorry it took me so long to reply, its been a busy week!