Losing Motivation


just felt like posting this, perhaps somebody out there who has been through the same thing will be able to give me advice.
i’m finding the learning process very challenging, more especially the Swift lessons. how do I move past this phase?


Hello, learning concepts can be very hard and draining especially as a begginner, eventually you will get used to it once you push on but it will be difficult

i suggest making something that you can do.

ask yourself , your friends, or even family if they want something done.

maybe its just a simple dialogue tree, or a simple calculator, or anything that should be interesting. this will help to make you feel that you are working towards a goal and that you can be praised for it


I do appreciate your words of encouragement. Thank You

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I have just been through a rough time at learning, and nearly gave up, but didn’t want to give in. I became disheartened and would leave the coding a long time, and then go back and try again only to give up again … this went on for many months.

I recently Realized I was getting down on myself with negative thought and emotions.

What I realized was I was not celebrating the positive and feeling good about my accomplishments.

I started giving myself positive strokes and tried again, with good success, I finished the Match App game - module 3 of IOS Foundations, the thing that had been getting me down for so long!

Be positive and reward yourself for accomplishing things !! Even the small steps !!

Chris has a Swift for Beginners Course, you might want to try that, or Apple Playgrounds app and try your hand at just Swift code for a time out ?


This is absolutely encouraging, thank you for your words of support. I have started to relook at my approach in the course work, I realise the thing…i’m too eager(or maybe too impatient) to start building my own app and seeing tangible results that i’m too hasty on myself which ends up burning me out.
This calls for an introspection and a relook to my strategy, but definitely appreciate the support.

everyone in here is just awesome!


This hits too close to home - I was contemplating one of these posts as well, just to see if others are experiencing this wall of apprehension that hits me every now and then. Swift is pretty intimidating despite how great of a job Chris and the team do at making it much easier. It’s a monster, but understandably so considering how powerful it is once you master / tame it (lol).

Sometimes I feel as though I’m just straight up copying these videos verbatim without knowing if I’m actually learning anything but then I’ll find something I recognize from a previous video and slowly I fill in the blanks faster than Chris (or other content producers) are in their own videos. Mind you, this is with small things like variables types and basic logic, but it’s a start!!

This process won’t happen over night is what I keep telling myself, and Chris even acknowledges on his website that we are our biggest enemies; getting into our own heads with the negativity and the apprehension - thinking we can’t do it, but we really can. If you’re truly interested then just keep making stuff for fun while paying attention to make the most out of your time. Understand why you’re typing everything you type while you follow through the videos. I’ve had to go back because sometimes I’ll be doing something else, not giving the tutorials my 100% attention and I don’t think that’s very helpful, in fact, it’s a waste of time.

Maybe set a goal for yourself to build 1 simple app a day through the help of YouTube guides and then once you’ve done a few of those, try to get more simplified, using a few of the features you used building the tutorial apps, and produce your own!

This is my goal - I hope you keep pushing through this hard period because you can definitely do it and might make something super great one day.

Best of luck


Like everything in life there is never any gain without some level of pain or frustration. Those people who never do anything never learn something. The great thing about software development is that there is a high probability that you will learn something new each day… and that is no bad thing.

Just keep building Apps and you will find that gradually over time the methods you use will become easier to remember.

No-one knows everything about everything Swift related (well, there might be a few) and we all go back over previous code to jog our memory on how to achieve a specific task.


When losing motivation, you have quite a few options.

  1. Quit, probably the last thing you should do

  2. Go ahead mindless, continue without thinking much about anything, like I do in school when I am bored

  3. Pause, and review, or read something that is very motivational, this is the most awkward of choices

  4. Rage, and then do nothing, this is kind of useless

  5. Search for what you really want to do, like make music

There are many other options, but these are the ones I use

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#3 sounds like a great tip. thanks @Pro0skills

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@Chris_Parker you are hundred percent, what I appreciate most is that you recognise the importance of putting consistency. Thanks for the support.

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@Karsen Thank you for taking the time to type of such a warm account, everyone has said a mouthful and I cannot take away from anything anybody said besides that only I can make it happen by practicing and putting in the work on a daily basis. Chris and them are fantastic at this and I too want to be like them. thank you, Take care :smiley:


We’re all in the same boat, or have been at one point (I’m currently in your boat - fighting off the self deprecation from time to time). But we’ll make it through on perseverance. I’m hoping the CWC Community gets a Discord channel soon, I created a thread on it earlier today as a matter of fact, so maybe we’ll get a chance to chat in the future about our progress, with the rest of the growing community.

You take care in the mean time as well!

Appreciate this dialogue.

I wrote a very simple app and paid to become an Apple Developer, so I could submit it not for the general public, but for my friends and family to try and give me ideas for improvements and rev 2.

It was complex to submit (as Chris describes in his video on App Store submission). Apple said it was too simple and they have enough, and I quote: “enough burp, fart, and fortune teller apps”. That hurt.

So stepped back and decided to do something more challenging and hopefully to the review board’s satisfaction. And decided to use SwiftUI, as it appears to be the future.

But I have hit a roadblock in just simply passing data from an API call to the UI. Two weeks now of repeatedly watching tutorials, posting questions both here and on Stack Overflow, and even asking a friend that’s an advanced coder. No progress.

The point is, and to stick with the theme of this thread, I’m really tempted to Just give up. Maybe it’s simply beyond my capability.

But it’s reassuring to see I’m not alone.

It has given me inspiration to keep on trying.


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Maybe I can help you with that API. I’ve done Paul Hudsons 100 Days of SwiftUI course and one of the challenges was to download a JSON file from his website
and parse that into an App. It wasn’t easy but I got there in the end.

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That would be great, Chris, and would really appreciate it.
How to DM you privately so we don’t fill up this thread?

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