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Lost enrollment to my courses

Hey guys!
I had an account with codewithchris back in 2017, and purchased some courses titled: “Bundle: How to make an iPhone app 1 and 2”. This purchase gave me permanent access to the beginner and intermediate courses. I recently got back into programming iOS apps, and I wanted to continue with my courses. I tried the account migration by registering with my old email, but I don’t have access to any of the courses. Is there any way for me to get access these courses again?

Thanks for helping!


Hi Nathan,

Some significant changes have taken place in recent years

Please contact Chris Ching via email as this address: care@codewithchris.com
and explain what you had access to.

Thanks for the quick response! I’ll go do that.


@Chris_Parker I have the same problem. I did try sending an email and Im getting this reply:

Your reply message could not be accepted.

any ideas how to contact @Chris2 ?


Hmmm, not sure why you got that email response.

The other alternative is to use the contact method on this web page:

Tap on the blue Message icon in the bottom right corner and type in your message in the presented window.

Their hours are 9am - 5pm Pacific Standard Time (effectively New York time).

thanks for the info!
message sent.