MacOS app's in Xcode?

I’m interested in MacOS app’s in Xcode.
And would like a beginners tutorial on how to do it ?
Is anyone else interested ?

I know I’ve asked Chris before and it’s out side of what he’s doing right now.
I have looked and find only a book for $40.00 on one site and an old, several years, very brief introduction to the subject on another.
Well anyways, something to think about, for the future :disappointed:

Udemy has a couple tutorials on coding for Mac OS but my experience of the teachers is ZERO support. the say they will answer, but I have never found this the case.

Also, Apple is coming out with their new porting framework, can’t remember what it is called. Will little work iOS apps can migrate to the Mac. I will be interested to see how this works!


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I have written 2 macos apps. Ask away.

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@FoundationSW. Nope don’t think I like Udemy :frowning:

@dracosveen. ?Ask a question? I don’t know where two start ?
Well I know Xcode has a MacOS selection and it look like the iOS Xcode ?
Maybe I ought to learn more about iOS first and NOT take on too much ?

Would be nice to have available!

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maybe the new SwiftUI can be ported as a macOS app? it might be worth looking into in the future instead of making an app specifically for just macOS

@CatzShadowy the coding for ios and macos using swift is exactly the same. The only difference is that there are some old objects that you still use in mac os that have been replaced or deprecated in ios.

I went from ios to mac os without any issues. I had to google some things like tableviews as they work slightly differently between ios and macos.

My advice, unless you need to do something specific for macos, concentration on ios until you are comfortable.

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