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Digging the new dashboard/learning platform look. One drawback: lost all my view progress. Since I’ve made it through almost all of the UIKit Apprentice content on the previous platform, is there a fast way to mark all that as completed? Not that I wouldn’t mind going through a few videos here and there, I just don’t want to have to click to the end of every video I’ve already watched.

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Hi, Justin! Sorry for the late response. And thanks for liking our new platform. For now our new platform doesn’t have the ability to import all progress/course completions from Teachable, our old platform. The only solution for now is for you to manually reinstate your progress on the new platform, which means having to click Complete on all the courses that you finished. Sorry for the inconvenience! Thanks for learning with us!

Well, I figured it wasn’t an easy mater to just move all that info over. I’ve actually just ignored it so far, but as I’ve started going through the SwiftUI classes, I’m reviewing and learning more. So I may actually re-watch some of the UIKit classes just to review.

Thanks for the response Arthur! I’m excited for all the new content and projects.

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