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Module 0 for Complete Beginners

Hi Chris

Would there be any plans to create a module for complete beginnners who want to learn programming from scratch? Like level 0?

I realise you have Module 1 for that. But for example at the lesson 3 or so - you already ask to pause the video and try to attempt to code it yourself - this is valuable, but that just thows me off straighaway as it clearly expect me to know some programming (which from previous courses and theore I do), but in reallity unfortunatley I have no idea what I need to do or where to even start. And the following challenges, for example in Mod 1 - Lesson 12 - is just way too advanced for my simple mind.

It’d be very helpful to have, I don’t know, maybe some kind of series of exercises or something to get a hang of basics - how do you start to code, where do you always declare variables and why there and not somewhere else, what goes next and why etc etc. Best practices kind of thing maybe.

(But then again, I might be an exception that I can’t learn programming mindset, and may not be valuable to anyone else.)

Hope this makes sense.

Thank you for your consideration.

Hi Oke, you should watch this series. These videos are the basics of Swift, the programming language. Without doing actual iOS development


Thank you, I’ll go though those videos. The basics of swift, variables, declarations, arrays, if statements etc, are not the problem - I understand them and I can follow Chris in a lesson 100%.

But when it comes to creating something by myself - eg to do a challenge, I often have no idea what to do, where to start, what is needed, what is not needed - how to think about what is needed and why.

For example, a challenge: Create a button and a text which shows 0 and then increments that 0 with a random digit. What is the thinking to create that? - ok, I need a button, a text and variable - maybe I need another variable for the random number. Ok, I need to declare them at the top. Then add the code inside the button, but how do I call that number, and then assign what I called to the text where the number should be change on the screen, etc etc. I have no logical thinking how to do it. I do not understand where is the Intro of the program, where is the body, and where is the conclusion… if I can say it this way. In my mind, if without anyone’s help it is just one big ball of a mess:(

It’s that thinking about the challenge, and the structured approach to understanding what kind of elements are needed in this program - why, where should they go and why there, and not somwhere else.

I don’t know if this makes sense, but that is my issue as a beginner. The lesson 1 - is not bad, it is clear, but it mostly just tells where to put what, but not why those items are required and why there, why not somewhere else. It does not explain what is the best way to think about it, how to appraoch the program. If you know what I mean.

I think what would be useful, is for Chris to watch a complete beginner thinking aloud and guiding him, then he would understand better what is needed. Because of course when you are a seasoned programmer, it is not easy to notice what the newbies might be struggling with. just my 2 cents

Hey @okeddy, might I suggest that if you’re starting out you might need to take some things at face value. Eg. just accept that some things get put where Chris puts them and that you should follow his lead. I understand why you’re wanting to know but I think this will slowly become apparent the more you code.

If I put the example another way, it’s like you’re trying to understand all possible rules to the structure of the English language without first just learning individual words. Whilst it’s great to learn the rules, you will slowly pick these up as you learn, word by word.

Give the tutorials a go and if you get stuck, open up Chris’s completed version and have a look for the differences.


Thank you! that makes good sense:)