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Module 2 Lesson 15 Recipe App Question

Hi there

As I was developing my own app, I noticed that I seem to get a lot of messages like:

[LayoutConstraints] Unable to simultaneously satisfy constraints.

I determined that this was caused by the .navigationBarTitle(“All Recipes”) attached to a List. I went and had a look at Chris’s M2L15 Recipe app, and saw that the Debug Console gives the same error.

Can anyone explain to me why this is and what I should do or do differently?


This is a SwiftUI bug. It happens to me.

Don’t worry about it

Adding the .navigationViewStyle(StackNavigationViewStyle()) modifier to the navigationView { } fixes the 'LayoutConstraints" console errors…

 NavigationView {
        List(model.recipes) { r in
            // Link row item to RecipeDetailView
                label: {
                    // MARK: Row Item
                    HStack(spacing: 20.0) {
                            .frame(width: 50, height: 50, alignment: .center)
        .navigationBarTitle(Text("All Recipes")) // List Title

StackOverflow fix

Dev Docs…