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Module 6 Lesson 6 NOT WORKING

the city sights app doesn’t work in module 6 lesson 6. instead of the home view it just shows a white screen. I don’t know what the problem is I tried everything I even copied the whole project but it still doesn’t work. please help me


Welcome to the code crew community.

Check your code against the progressive project build code provided by Chris Ching in the Resources section.

Resources can now be found up at the top of the course in the “Introduction Section”. Depending on the Course you select there will be an option titled “Resources” or “Materials for this course”. Tap on that link and then on the next page presented on the right you will have a link that says “All resources, projects and code” or a button that says Download Materials".

This will take you to a DropBox page where you can see folders related to each Module. Tap on the Download button in the top right of the screen and you can download all of the Materials covering all of the Modules for the course… or… you can drill down to a particular Module (double click on the folder) and then tap on the Download button to download all of the resources for just that Module.

yea that’s the thing I already did that twice. maybe its because im using Xcode 12.5?

You could be right.

I completed that Module some time back and my version currently complies and runs fine on my Mac (Xcode 12.5.1 and iOS 14.5).

I’ll have a look at the solution code for Lesson 6 and get back to you. Gotta be something simple I hope.

The Solution code works fine for me.

Do you want to share your project via DropBox or GoogleDive and I’ll take a look for you if you like?

Erase the API key if you want as I can use mine.

As a matter of interest, what is your settings in your simulator for your Location?
From the simulator menu select Features > Location
I would suggest you either select Apple or in Custom set your own location (easy enough to find that via Google Maps).

yes I would like to share the project but idk how to


If you have a DropBox account or a GoogleDrive account then the first thing to do is open Finder and locate your project.
Select the root Folder (the one in which you have Projectname.xcodeproj and a folder of the same ProjectName)
Then right click and select Compress “ProjectName”
You will get a zip file of the same name
Upload that to either DropBox or GoogleDrive and create a share link. Copy that link and paste that in a reply.

ok thanks :smiley: here is the link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uW5f5hh83ioc5LOt7YWk2ZhIBZ2XF0ol/view?usp=sharing