MongoDB Atlas and MongoDB Realm tutorial request

I watched the full stack note tutorial with a local MongoDB server. I really liked it but, I would like to see a tutorial using the Atlas and MongoDB Realm service as well so that apps can be deployed without a local server.

Chris has Firebase tutorials on YT, these don’t have a local server, but a cloud one

The guidebook app, from his paid course, this uses Realm

MongoDB has acquired Realm and egular Realm doesn’t work well with MongoDB. They have however, released a beta version of the Realm software, called MongoDB realm, that integrates with the MongoDB Atlas service. I believe MongoDB to be superior to Firebase for my intended use. For this reason I would like to use their service instead.

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I have previous utilized Realm databases for persistent data for years. After the merge, I needed to return to Core Data. Chris does have an excellent tutorial on the latter.

The good news with learning Core Data, is that it will not be bought out! :slight_smile:

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I’ve watched The tutorials. I was thinking MongoDB realm, because it’s a serverless solution in the cloud.