Multiple databases or multiple tables?

I’m playing around with an app that displays like a restaurant menu with the item name on the left, and the price on the right. The app has to connect to a database where it retrieves the data it displays. The database will be updated from a web app whenever prices change. The changes to the database should be user-specific though. So, if there are 2 independent users, they each need to be able to set up their own menu with their own prices that display only on their device.
A: Is something like this at all possible?
B: Will each user need their own database or only their own table inside one database?
C: Is it possible to have the app to create a new database/table when a new user signs up?
D: If the app is set up to display the data in TableView, I assume it will add new rows and cells as they get added on the database side?

PS. I am a complete newbie at Swift, I am still mostly just fooling around, trying things and seeing if it works.