Multiple Errors on FireStore Demo

I’m at the end of the first video for “Creating a new Firebase Project” and Xcode won’t build my app with 14 issue. Lexical or Preprocessor Issue and 13 other GoogleDataTransport problems?

Which Firestore Demo are you referring to as Chris Ching has created more than one Firestore project over the years?

Include some screenshots to show the errors you are getting as that clarifies what you are referring to.

Hi Chris! Thanks for getting back to me. It’s the first FireStore Demo in the iOS Databases Course, Module 1. After I install the Cocoa pods, I get these errors (screen shot attached).

Hey Brett,

Can you confirm that you have the .xcworkspace file open rather than .xcodeproj? This is the most common issue.

If you have the xcworkspace file open and you’re getting these errors, try running a “pod update” from terminal and see if that changes anything!

Hey There,

I am indeed using the .xcworkspace file. Ran pod update and same errors. Anything else I should check?