Multiple viewcontrollers

Hi, im am trying to make 2 pages on my app but when I hook the button up to show the other view controller it only shows a part of the other view controller. how do I fix this. There is a button on the page I want to shift to put because of the part that is not visible I docent show.

Maybe you could share your code so that I can see what you are trying to do.

I haven’t done any coding for this part other than make a view controller reference and set it up so that it will show the other viewcontroller

Do you have two separate storyboards or do you have both ViewControllers in the same storyboard?

I have it in 2 storyboards so separate

Do you want the file for the app?

Probably easier to zip the entire App and post it to either DropBox or GoogleDrive and share a link here in a reply.

Nvm i found The solution but thanks for you time and help. Much apriciated i would never had come to this level without this organisation