My Band app project : photo gallery tab

Hi everyone,

I’m Ben, from France, and I’ve juste started learning coding with CWC super helpful Youtube videos. Thanks a lot for the great work !

My project is (for fun) to build an app for my music band. I was thinking of a tabview app with 4 tabs :

  • band presentation
  • photo gallery
  • youtube videos playlist
  • gigs infos

I feel like I can get most of the requiered infos to build this in the CWC+ courses, but before I dive in, could you please let me know if the photo app course could be a great help for my photo tab ? My guess is I could use firebase to host the band photos and display it in a specific view ?

If that’s not what the photo app course is about, could you please let me know from which videos I could gather all knowledge to achieve the photo tab ?

Thanks again

Hi @Ben,

I am French as well, but live on London :wink:
Totally agree with you, these videos are great and I feel the paid course worth the money (I am not a friend - just a regular customer here)!

To answer your question, it would depends what you want to achieve in your app and what amount of knowledge you are aiming to learn.

In this photo lesson, you will learn how take a photo (or chose from the library) and upload it on Firebase Storage, along saving the data (image address, date and username) in the database. A TableView retrieving the information from the server and displaying them, a bit like Instagram.

If you are planning to add the pictures on a server from your “admin app” to update the pictures in your app without sending a full update to Apple, it can help you to achieve this!

Or if you just want to have some photos in your app to be displayed from the app assets, you won’t need all this knowledge (but you would have to update them in your app and send a new version to be approved by Apple if you want to be published in the Apple Store).



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Yes the photo app in the database course will teach you want you want for your app.

Thanks Cedric. Indeed I’d like to update the pictures myself on a server so that users dont have to update to get the latest ones.
I will follow the photo app course and try to build from that.
I’ll let you know how it goes !

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Thanks Mikaela. I have moved the topic. Ben

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Thank you Ben! Good luck with your app!

No problem Ben,

Don’t hesitate to shout if you need some help!
Mikaela is great help here :wink:

Good luck with your learning!


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Hi guys

I have just achieved the photo app module. So I feel like I have all the pieces I need to build my photo tab in my band app.
Except that the way I see it, is that I would upload my photos from the Mac, as a bulk upload in a photo folder in firestore storage. I would not do this from the app.
So my problem is that by doing that, I have no reference to the photos in the firestore db. So my question is : would it be ok and how to implement a photo service that would get the photos from the storage without having to go through the database ? Or how to create database documents referencing the stored photos, when the upload is not done from the app itself ?
I dont know if I’m clear :slight_smile:
Thanks for your help