My First App - Advice needed


I am new to app development and started out a few months ago working through the online tutorials. As the confidence has grown i have started to develop my own app. As a keen gym enthusiast i thought id have a go at my own fitness app. A basic tracker that keeps track of the sets/reps and weights lifted. I initially used a tableview with a custom cell and textfield where i could enter in my own exercise, for example, bench press, squat.

I would like to improve on this and be able to scroll through a list of exercises. Roughly theres going to be around 100 hundred exercises to choose from and each one would need to hold additional data such as sets/reps/PR etc so i assume i would need to create an exercise class for example.

class Exercise {

// List of variables such as name, sets, reps, muscleGroup etc etc


However, I cant figure out the best way I would initially create all the exercises. Or would i use an array, dictionary or something else? I would also like to be able to present the list of exercises in sections sorted alphabetically if that should that effect how i go about it.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @Jimmy Welcome!

I am a REAL fan of database for tracking user data like this.

If you have not checked out Chris’ Database course, I highly recommend it. In it, Chris walks you through how to set up this free database, how to read, write, and filter, etc.

From what you describe, it sounds to me a good way to approach your project.

Good luck!

Hi thanks, yes I’ve been through Chris’ database tutorials and felt Realm was much easier to understand and work with. Its just initially populating the Realm database with over 100 exercies/objects. What would be the best way to approach this?

  • Having gone through the Realm documentation i think importing a CSV file is probably the best way?