My first app store submission - Rejected :(

Well now, the world of app submission isn’t all champagne and caviar. I have an app that was approved for TestFlight, used, and appreciated by my group of testers to point that I was ready to publish to the app store. An exciting day, my first published app, until … it was rejected; “We found that the usefulness of your app is limited by the minimal amount of content or features it includes.” Granted, this is a very vague reason so I replied with what the app provides to the users. Apple replied back, nope, not approved. So, where to go from here? Is it worth appealing to the App Review Board or is that a dead end?

For those curious here’s what the app does. For golfers, this will make sense, for non-golfers, hopefully my description is concise enough. On golf courses, the hole is moved each day to prevent wear and tear on the green (area on each hole where the literal hole is cut). It is useful for players to know where the hole is when planning their approach. My app allows the golf course maintenance staff to enter ‘pinsetter mode’ to set the hole location by tapping on a picture of the green of each hole. The app also calculates how far forward or back from the center of the green the hole is located. ‘User mode’ shows a full screen view of the green of each hole with a dot where the hole is cut, along with a +/- indication for how far forward/back from the center of the green the hole is located. Simple, yes. Useful for golfers, also yes. My users will be disappointed if this dies on the vine.


I have received this note a couple times. I feel your pain.

Couple possible options:

  1. Have you submitted as is? Sometimes, another reviewer will let it through.
  2. Since they want more functionality, how about saving old locations and dates moved and then present old locations as an option. If you have success create to greens in regulation based on the placement, even better.
  3. You could also add a simple note taking section for the placement. These may get you over the hump of functionality.

You could also just keep updating minor changes and let your test users keep using it.

Let us know how it all works out.