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My version of the 13 Challenge 😋 (14 day Challenge)

When all images are the same = random: 3x smiles
When images are different = random: one’s smiles or text or nothing
When the score < 100 = this is the one smile :scream_cat:

But I don’t know how to stop a code and to say “Game is over” when the score is 0 =(.

The Code is here :point_right: CODE :point_left:

What do you say about my version? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Везунчик! = You are lucky!
А ну-ка попробуй повторить! = Come on, try to repeat
Чет не = Something is wrong
Oй = Oh


Great job!

An if statement surrounding the button code requiring that the credits > 0 to execute is how I got around that. Though we haven’t learned how to execute a popup yet I assume that will come.

if credits > 0 {
// execute button code
} else {
print("no credits")  // this only prints to the debug area and not to your screen. 

Ok, so you got me curious on how to create an alert which I assume we will cover later but I was able to find an example here

Here are the steps.

  1. Add a @State modifier under all your other @State modifiers
 @State private var showingAlert = false
  1. Create the if statement as I described in my previous message
        if (creditAmount >= 10) {
// this is where your button code would go.
           let imageNameArray = ["apple","cherry","star"]
           imageName1 = imageNameArray[Int.random(in: 0...2)]
           imageName2 = imageNameArray[Int.random(in: 0...2)]
           imageName3 = imageNameArray[Int.random(in: 0...2)]
           creditAmount -= 10
        } else {
// set the showingAlert which is now tracked via the @State modifier
            self.showingAlert = true 
  1. After your button code add the .alert modifier like below
// all of your button code here
).alert(isPresented: $showingAlert) {
                Alert(title: Text("You are Out of money"), message: Text("click ok to dismiss"), dismissButton: .default(Text("OK")))

Thanks a lot! :raised_hands: I will try to do it! :+1: